The property to compete is located in the heart of the city of Mendoza, Argentina. The objective of the contest was to obtain proposals to revalue a degraded area, taking into account current and future circulations, and to propose a space for the creation of apartment buildings.
The project focused on turning the property into a green lung that functions as a link and links with the rest of the city through all its arteries in a sustainable way. Observing the existence of abandoned railway lines, it was proposed to retake them and give them use for a future tram. In its circulations, there are bike paths and wide sidewalks to promote pedestrian transport.

To promote social gatherings and culture, a convention center was designed, surrounded by flower beds and trees that will provide climatic protection to visitors and passers-by. The houses were located on the perimeter of the project, linked to the existing layout. Below them is the use of commercial premises that serve as support to citizens and occasional visitors.

With the wide circulations, the existence of commercial premises, the presence of forested green spaces, the culture, and the availability of public transport, the property would become one of the most visited in the city, with better social, cultural, and tourist opportunities. and economic and offering a better quality of life to the inhabitants of the area.

  • YEAR : 2018
  • LOCATION : Mendoza City, Argentina
  • TYPE :
  • PORTFOLIO : Landscape Architecture



Mendoza City, Argentina


Landscape Architecture