When you take a vacation, or when you leave your house at least one afternoon to recharge your batteries or at least to have a coffee, what are you looking for?

Think about the possibility of arriving at a place and finding a large green space, with scented and flowery beds, with trees that provide shade and freshness, with a spectacular pool in which you can swim laps in a competition or just splash around for a few minutes, knowing that your children are spending hours in a playroom designed especially for them and that your partner is having a cocktail 20 meters away, enjoying the scenery. Everything around you is comfortable, safe, and beautiful. And it does not count if you go for 20 minutes or 5 days, you have everything at the same reach, and that experience is what we prepare for you!

The premise of this project was to take advantage of the land to offer different uses, which at the same time are unified and have privacy from each other.

How did we do it?

We started with a master plan, in which we designed the exterior on a large scale and we zoned the spaces according to an exterior design and its functionality, taking into account accesses, circulations, and recreation areas.
Then, we think about each of the elements or constructions that should be present in the project. We think about its surfaces, its internal and external characteristics, and its aesthetic design. The project has a hotel to house about 100 people, a pool party for recreational use and partly for professional use, a lodge that serves as a support for the pool, with restrooms, a bar, and a games room for teenagers, and for Finally, a multipurpose room, which directs all its views towards the green spaces of the property.

For both architecture and landscaping, it was proposed to work with the efficient use of water and energy, and as regards the choice of plant species, a xerophilic scheme was chosen, using species with low water requirements and little maintenance.

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Capitan Montoya, Mendoza
  • TYPE :
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Gisella Famá, Andrés Lucchesi
  • PORTFOLIO : Architecture



Capitan Montoya, Mendoza


Gisella Famá, Andrés Lucchesi