Imagine yourself going through a door, entering in a time bubble, and being automatically transported to 1930. You enter the place, you look around you and you see a decoration that you remember having seen once but you had forgotten its existence. You feel somewhat surprised by the place, you are surrounded by good design, good taste, elegance and delicacy. While you are observing the details of the interior, you feel a very delicate perfume, which catches your attention and makes you follow it with your eyes. You recognize that it is the aroma of a coffee that you tasted on a trip to Italy a few years ago. While listening to quiet music in the background, a mix of chill with jazz, you look around you at how the people who have come to spend their time behave. You see them smiling, carefree, some very comfortable in the armchairs sharing good wine, others, sharing a table, with a dinner that looks very appetizing. You realize that people do not have to shout to be heard, that you do not hear noises, that the acoustics are excellent. At that moment, you decide to go to the bar to have a cocktail while you wait for your friends. You take the stool, you sit on it and while you look at the bar table, made in terrazzo, with different details that give it a modern and different touch, you notice the comfort of the chair, the height of its back, with a wide seat, comfortable to support your arms, rigid and safe. You could be sitting there all night. While enjoying your cocktail, you keep looking around, looking at the people, looking at the place. At that moment you perceive the lighting details, the style of the lamps, the intensity of light, and the color that is created in the space from it. That warm and comforting atmosphere that only good lighting can achieve.

You feel good, very good and you feel that your night will be the best.

That is what we achieve with Café Nina, a trip back in time that generates an explosion of feelings, making you feel different, special.

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : San Rafael, Mendoza
  • TYPE :
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Gisella Famá, Silvina Iriarte
  • PORTFOLIO : Interior



San Rafael, Mendoza


Gisella Famá, Silvina Iriarte