You take a day off, looking for comfort, nature, mountains, lake. You also want to visit an interesting restaurant to enjoy a good lunch and you are heading to a place that has it all.

You enter the complex, and you see that in front of you appears a building that, with its architecture, refers to the morphology of the mountains that accompany it around it. You decide to walk around the place and an exquisite landscape accompanies you, with native vegetation typical of Mendoza. As you walk and tour the property, you come across an element that catches your attention, a lake amid so much drought. You get closer and you notice that it is not just any lake, you walk around it and you begin to be fascinated by its characteristics and by what it generates in space. At a first glance, you notice that there are flowering aquatic plants in much of the lake, you also see some reeds and rocks. But once you stop there and sit down to enjoy it, you see some insects, butterflies, and bees that accompany the life of that lake. You decide to close your eyes and the sound of the water invades your ears: as relaxing as it is necessary. You open your eyes and stick your head into the water mirror. While you feel that scent of nature, you notice transparency in the water that you have only seen in rivers and natural waterways.

It is as if the lake has always been there, and you have just met it!

This biolago is the first built in Argentina and is located in the Alpamanta winery, in Ugarteche, Mendoza. Visit it!

  • YEAR : 2021
  • LOCATION : Ugarteche, Mendoza
  • TYPE :
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Anja Werner, Gisella Famá
  • PORTFOLIO : Landscape Architecture



Ugarteche, Mendoza


Anja Werner, Gisella Famá


Landscape Architecture