Before starting a project, we hold one or more meetings with our clients to understand their needs, expectations, and ambitions. Then, we analyze the project’s potential and focused on that we generate new ideas.


Based on what was established in the first meetings, we begin to shape the project by applying our knowledge and experiences. At this time Vurb uses a design process in which we focus especially on each of our clients, regarding their requirements and possibilities. Along the way, we work as a team with our clients, integrating them into the project because, in the end, the project is theirs. In this way, we deliver a personal, unique, and unrepeatable project.


For all the people who are part of Vurb, respect and collaboration with the environment and nature are very important. As architects and landscape architects, we believe that we are responsible for erecting buildings and considering the impact they have on nature. We understand that if we do things wrong, we can cause harm, but if we do things right, we can achieve many benefits. That is why, for each project in which its creation means the intervention of outdoor space, as designers, Vurb takes all the precautions and measures so that its impact is the least. In other cases, whenever conditions are given, our projects will actually generate a positive environmental impact, collaborating with flora and fauna, energy-saving, and sustainability.


Each member of the study is a specialist in a particular subject. It is a highly qualified team suitable for carrying out projects abroad. With experience and contacts in Italy, Portugal, Germany, and Spain, we offer our services nationally and internationally.