When we visit tourist or gastronomic buildings, what we seek is to have a sensory experience, using most of our senses.
In this case, we work in one of the oldest wineries in the city of San Rafael. We wanted to offer the visitor what they are looking for in a winery: vineyards, tours, relaxation spaces, exhibition spaces. We also wanted to take advantage of the spaces to create beds with native flora, to make the visitor know the identity of the province for the flora, and to contribute to the fauna of the place, helping, among other things, with pollination.

This project proposed a master plan to organize the space, therefore, zoning was carried out by uses and circulations with the initial objective of differentiating the income for the general public and the company or service personnel. Within the property, there are differentiated areas for gastronomy, exhibition, rest, green areas, and parking lots. Being a winery, a large part of the green space is comprised of vineyards of different characteristics. Likewise, beds with native or adapted plants are proposed to revalue the native vegetation of the area, raising awareness of its particular beauties, shapes, and colors, and greatly rationalizing the use of water.

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : San Rafael, Mendoza
  • TYPE :
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Gisella Famá
  • PORTFOLIO : Landscape Architecture



San Rafael, Mendoza


Gisella Famá


Landscape Architecture