It is a relatively new discipline for many people. Landscape architecture deals with the study, design, project, and execution of all outdoor spaces, ranging from the project of a private garden to projects for squares, green belts, bicycle paths, and all the public spaces that make up a city intending to generate positive effects for its users and the environment. Next, we differentiate the most important sections in which we work.


Master plans are used to organize, transform and design a territory or projects of a certain size or complexity. A master plan is carried out in medium-scale projects such as parks and real estate developments, and large-scale ones, such as cities, their arteries, their green spaces, their bicycle paths, pedestrian and vehicular circulations, among others. The Master plan is the basis for establishing goals, purposes, zoning, and activities allowed in each space of land to provide compatibility and continuity to the entire space, focusing on generating a project that provides social, economic, and environmental benefits.
By carrying out a master plan project, you will be able to order your project, visualize its development, scope, benefits, among others.

Green spaces: parks, squares, and gardens

At Vurb we want to make our contribution to the environment, that is why we carry out projects that aesthetically improve spaces, playing with shapes, contrasts, and colors, and also at the ecosystem level, in which we seek to benefit fauna and flora so that wildlife comes to the spaces we design and you can count on the possibility of seeing butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, all using low maintenance and respecting a low water requirement.

Natural swimming ponds and biolakes

Both the bio-pool and the bio-lake are aquatic systems adapted to human bathing, which uses natural purification systems instead of chemical ones, that is, their maintenance and cleaning are carried out by natural means, guaranteeing water that has the highest levels. of quality, transparency, and purity, without the need to change the water or use chemical elements for its operation.

See its benefits below:

  • The natural swimming pond is a living system that offers different scenarios in each season of the year, giving it a charming aesthetic appearance.
  • It is surrounded by aquatic plants that are in charge of oxygenating and purifying the water, and at the same time generating a beautiful ornamental appearance through the existence and flowering of numerous aquatic plants that are perfectly integrated into gardens.
  • The water in the pool is entirely natural, there is no chlorine or chemical elements that irritate the eyes, dry out the skin or hair. The quality of the water is similar to that of a lake or river and does not cause harm to health.
  • It has low maintenance, with just a couple of deep cleanings each year and the cleaning of excess dead plant material.
  • Total absence of chemicals.
  • It is not necessary or advisable to empty the pool every year, thus generating great water savings. Only the water that evaporates due to heat or perspiration should be replaced.
  • Purifying plants stay healthy and strong all year round, without the need to replant them.
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